Meditation for all Australians

Going through life, day after day following the same routines, have you ever wondered if there is something more? Something that can give a deeper meaning to everything that happens around you. Perhaps something deep inside that you long to get back in touch with. Something that belongs to you but is out of your reach…. What about thoughts? Have you ever got tired of the ceaseless stream of thoughts and emotions that dominate your attention? Wanting nothing more than a moment of peace and silence? If so…

Meditation can be answer to your questions and you probably know that already. The more difficult questions are how to meditate? When? Where? How much does it cost? How hard is it?

Meditation is as simple as watching the sunrise and as effortless as breathing the crisp morning air. It’s the natural state of thoughtless awareness that many think is impossible to achieve. But it’s simpler than you think. Thousands of volunteers who practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation conduct free classes all over the world where they share their experiences of meditation and teachings of Shri Mataji with the public. And now in Australia, we are organizing a nation-wide tour that brings meditation to the Australian public.

July 2019 marks the beginning of the Meditate Australia Tour where hundreds of volunteers will hold public meditation programs free of charge. Meditate Australia Tour will run for 21 days and will cover 24 cities including Cairns, Taree, Canberra, Mornington, Perth, Sydney, Margaret river, Toowoomba and many more. If this is something that you are interested in, please visit the tour’s website for the latest news and updates. And if you live in Qld like I do, you might be most interested in the Cairns to Brisbane route!