• SunnyBank Hall (map)
  • Corner of Lister St and Gager St.
  • Sunnybank, QLD, 4109
  • Australia

Learn How to Meditate

With Sahaja Yoga's Free Meditation Workshop at SunnyBank Hall

Thursday, May 11, 7:30PM- 9:00PM

Corner of Lister and Gager St, Sunnybank, QLD, 4109

In this free workshop, you will learn the basics of meditation including how to meditate independently. You can enjoy this workshop whether you are interested in meditation, want to learn more about yourself, or simply want a few minutes of peace and silence in your busy life!


So... What is meditation in Sahaja Yoga?

In short, a moment of serene tranquility, of thoughtless awareness, in which we are not thinking yet, are completely aware and alert. While in this state, we might feel a subtle joy slowly emerging. In an instant, the thronging thoughts subside and all that remains is a calm awareness: the recognition of the beauty of existence. It is a state that we have all felt, however briefly, at least once in our lives, when touched by the beauty of a natural landscape, the perfume of a flower or the splendor of a sunrise.

How can I get into meditation?

According to Sahaja Yoga, meditation happens when our attention is no longer interested in the past or the future. In other words, when our attention is "united" with the present moment. And in fact, this "union" with the present moment, with the absolute reality, is the true meaning of the word "Yoga"- now here is little theory: To achieve this union, all humans have a built-in mechanism within them which, if activated at the right time by the right person, can lift their attention above their thoughts and bring them into meditation. At least in theory... You have to experiment for yourself to see if it is true or not!