Self-realization and awakening of Kundalini is a transformative event and much can be said about it. However, reading alone does not manifest it. Shri Mataji developed simple techniques that would bring about the experience of self-realization. So let’s defer the explanation to a later time and start with the experience!

About  Meditation and our subtle body


Beyond the physical body which we are all familiar with, we also have a subtle body, a spiritual body which contains the essence of our being, what makes us who we are. Our physical body is a mere vessel for the spiritual body. Many people all over the world throughout history, from the founder of Analytical psychology Carl Jung to ancient philosopher Lao Tzu, have tried to examine and explain the intricacies of this unseeable and unmeasurable part of our being and have given different names to its different parts and processes: Anima, Kundalini, Persona, Tao, Roh, collective unconscious, Individuation, Chakras, Nadis, etc.

At the base of this subtle body, resides the Motherly energy of Kundalini. Awakening of this energy leads to self realization, a process which lifts our attention beyond the thoughts and unites it with the present moment and the absolute reality. That's when we reach thoughtless awareness and get into mediation.

Self realization and the awakening of the Kundalini are the first steps in the journey of self-discovery and meditation. Whether you want to enjoy the many benefits that come with meditation or are simply curious to know more about yourself or about Sahaja Yoga, you have to meditate regularly.

There are many people all over the world who regularly practice Sahaja Yoga meditation and in weekly meetings, teach people the techniques of Sahaja Yoga, for free. If you want the deepen you experience and get the most out of meditation, you can visit your free local meetings.