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  • 9 Maple Street
  • Cooroy, QLD, 4563
  • Australia

Find our what is true Yoga

Is not about exercises; real Yoga is about connecting with a deep innate energy already within you. Come and experience it for yourself.

Always free

Cooroy Library, 9 Maple Street, Cooroy, QLD 4563
2 week course: Saturday 23rd and 30th 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM

We teach you how to:

  • Truly meditate simply and easily; comfortably sitting in chairs or on floor. No special clothes or cross legged position required.

  • How to understand your own energy system, and what knocks it out of balance.

  • How to balance your energy to feel calmer of mind yet more vitalised in your body.

  • What are chakras? How they impact your health

  • Using Nature to help balance yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Going deeper.

Each week we will build on the previous week's session, so request to please commit to attending the three sessions. Numbers are limited due to room size so booking is required please.

Mental Silence is the phrase coined by Dr Ramesh Manocha at Sydney University in his research into meditation practices. Dr Manocha described Mental Silence as the simplified version of ancient Yogic practices. These mystic meditative experiences are now available for everyone through the unique experience of Mental Silence. Mental Silence is the meditation difference available in Sahaja Yoga Meditation. In this short introductory course we will be focussing on this unique experience of Mental Silence.

All teachers of Mental Silence or Sahaja Yoga are volunteers and do not make any money from these teachings.

We look forward to you joining us for this very special course. Again, we ask you to respect the volunteer time of your teacher and commit to attending the three sessions so you gain the most from your experience.

Sponsored by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Qld - Always free - how could you possibly pay for your Spirit which is already within you? We teach you how to connect with your own Spirit deliberately and consciously, and to use this connection to improve your own life and that of society.

So don't miss out ! See you there.

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